Do you have a personal or professional interest in disability including any form of cognitive impairment, learning disability or dementia?

We are looking for members of ourĀ referenceĀ group to help us make sure that our work is meaningful for the people we want to benefit from it.

Image from architect Bill Halsall’s Design for Dementia, volume II

As a member you will get regular, early-stage updates about research going on within the Applied Cognition Technology and Interaction Group and in our network.

You will have the opportunity to steer that research at its earliest stages, and to offer feedback that will help ensure that our research is relevant to you and your personal/professional interests.

Our group aspires to involve people in every stage of our work – from ideas, to design, to analysis and development. We would be very grateful for your help in achieving this.

Please email with any questions, or fill in the form below to get more information.